Conferences and seminary

Different because of its historical decoration, the domain Napoleon would like to favour refinement and calm associated to modern tools.

For lunch or diner

We would suggest your tables between 8 and 10 places for your guests our chef Jean Yves Bigot (La Tour d’Argent, Trois Gros, Lenôtre) and our confectioner, David Wesmaël (Best worker of France 2004), creators of flavours, will propose you a large panel of menus in accordance to your budget and your expectations.

Audiovisual equipments

Podium, screen, orator desk, flip chart are at your disposal.
High-performance equipments, like multimedia projector, can allow working with video, computer, over-head projector, slides projector, screens, video recorder and paper board. All this equipment is at your disposal.

On asking, we also can supply a simultaneous translation.

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For more information and explanation you just have to send us an email, and we will be glad answer you.

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