Let you seduce by traditional liquor

Distillate according to a centenary recipe, the Mandarin Napoleon is the fruit of the harmonious wedding between the best mandarins and an exceptional selected alcohol. Its powerful and generous character can just be revealed after a long maturation in our cellars.

Digestive and tasty, the Mandarin Napoleon can be drunk pure in a base for a cocktail and can also be used as a base for many culinary preparations. In order to permit its hosts to taste the famous liquor, the domain napoleon have a sampling bar and a shop.

Enter the flavoursome history of the Imperial Mandarin

The liquor was created by Antoine François de Fourcroy (1755 -1809) who was the chemist and son of the pharmacist of the Orleans Duke. Antoine François de Fourcroy continued his medical study and was a teacher at the art academy. After being elected at the royal academy of sciences, he collaborated with the famous French chemist Lavoisier, founder the modern chemistry.

During the French revolution, Antoine François de Fourcroy was nominated Director of the public education comity in 1793. His career increased under the Directoire and also during the Napoleon Empire. As a member of the Napoleon 1st state council, he has ennobled to the rank of Count of the empire and as well received one of the highest distinctions of the empire: Commander of the Legion of Honour.

Antoine François de Fourcroy has frequent meetings with the emperor and noted down important things in his diary. One of his private notes was the beginning of the creation of the liquor Mandarin Napoleon. In fact, the mandarins and the tangerines appeared in Europe around the beginning of the 19th century. The mandarin, an exotic fruit, had a reputation for its tonicity quality and it also was “in” to put some mandarin inside your cognac and to drink the mix. At the end of the 19th century, the recipe of the Mandarin Napoleon has been discovered and in 1892 it was sold for the first time under the name of Mandarin Napoleon, Grande Liqueur Impériale.

Today this secret recipe, bequeath from father to son, property of Fourcroy who sells this liquor in more than 135 countries.

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